Staggis - Scotland's True National Dish!

Staggis – Scotland’s True National Dish!

Staggis - Scotland's True National Dish!Staggis – Scotland’s True National Dish!

The mighty Staggis – made exclusively by Callaghans of Helensburgh – we are now taking orders!


The Story of Staggis…

A number of years ago I had the good fortune to have an unlikely meeting with a man who told me the Story of the Staggis. I listened intently to his vision for Staggis and it didn’t take long for the spell of the Staggis to take a hold. I quickly could see the huge potential for rebranding Scotland’s National dish.

However, there is a lot more to it than just the name Staggis. Staggis tugs at the very heart of the Scottish nation from a romantic, political and historic perspective making a potent cocktail for change.

The word haggis comes from a Viking word meaning ‘bag’ this is where Staggis begins.

We make Staggis from venison the ingredients that the Vikings would have used when they first landed in Scotland. The image of the Stag is also a much more majestic symbol for the promotion of Scotland, the whisky industry cottoned onto  this decades ago. Presently Scotland is lumbered with the deformed haggis/beastie that runs around in circles all day because one leg is shorter than the other. An image that is more suited to a loony tunes cartoon character.

Staggis in on a par with wild Salmon fishing it requires years of skill and dedication to become a qualified Staggis hunter. Our Staggis hunter, Nicol, has roamed the land around Loch Long, Loch Fyne and the Arrochar hills as man and boy all his life. Staggis can only be purchased from a legally qualified Staggis hunter.

The unique flavour of Staggis can only come from an animal that has been free to roam the hills and glens of Scotland. There are many commercial operators who have tried to imply that they are making Staggis but they are using farm assured venison in some cases brought in from New Zealand this is then just a venison haggis as a Staggis is made with wild venison.

Staggis is not about mass produced food production. Once the Staggis plucks arrive at our premises the Master Staggis Maker, with over 40 years of experience, produces Staggis. The skills of the Master Staggis Maker are similar to that of the Master blender found at the finest whisky distilleries around Scotland. We make it in small batches in the traditional butcher business. Each Staggis comes with its own certificate of authenticity and signed by the Master Staggis Maker.

And finally, the name Staggis is vital component in the campaign to change Scotland’s National dish. Currently the word haggis is the second most popular word used by visitors searching the Internet for information on Scotland it won’t be long until it’s the third!!

“When is a haggis not a Haggis? When it’s a Staggis!